Hawaiian Massages

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Hawaiian Massage is an epic journey based on the ancient Hawaiian and islander practice of massage and lifestyle. The Hawaiian Massage aims to balance and connect the body, mind and spirit while practicing everything through love and gratitude.

With its long, flowing, firm and rhythmic strokes, a Hawaiian Massage reunites your energies with your mind and body. The receiver will experience a calm and harmonious spiritual treatment.

Indulge yourself in my sacred, warm, clean and calming massage room, surrounded by relaxing music and subtle scents of organic massage coconut oil. It is the perfect comforting environment in which you can peacefully be at ease as all your stresses drift away.

In Hawaiian Massage we listen to the body, environment and heart. Hawaiian Massage helps you find the quiet time to reflect on what your mind, body and soul need to make their own wise decisions.

Every Hawaiian Massage session is different as it focuses on the specific needs of the client. However in general you will find that it includes:

 It can be used for a wide range of conditions including muscle tension and soreness (in particular necks, backs and legs), low energy levels and fatigue, depression, anxiety and emotional balancing.

Scheduling a massage once or twice a month will allow for your body and mind to unwind from everyday stress and overall improve your health. Repetitive motion activities and high-stress environments can take a larger toll on your mind and body, weekly appointments might be best to start with. Spacing your massages too far between appointments may cause for your progress to go back to square one. Make your health and well-being your number one priority.

Hawaiian Massage is my passion, a way of being and giving. I focus on the Aloha spirit to bring love, gratitude and balance to the session. During each session, my sole focus is on delivering beautiful, positive energy to my client in the form of an amazing massage. 

If you would like to book a massage, please fill out our Booking Form.